What plants make the best potted plant gifts?

So, you need a gift and the recipient has warned “Please don’t get me another thing I have to find a place for.” But you’ve spotted their love of indoor plants and you see the perfect little spot for it. Awesome! Now, how do you pick the right plant? Not all plants are equal, some hardier and more forgiving of their environment. Others are not. Some plants can endure the missteps of newbie caretakers better than others. Here’s a list of my favorites:

No Dirt, No Water No Problem
Air Plants are the ultimate “set it and forget it” plant. They don’t require regular water or soil, just a regular misting keeps them happy. Two plants in this category are Ionantha Fuego and IonanthaRubra air plants. Air plants can come in a variety of charming containers that highlight the esthetic value of the plants. Air plant fertilizer spray makes a perfect companion gift. Call us today to talk about our gift sets in stock.

No Dirt, No Problem
Lucky Bamboo, similar to a lily, might be considered lucky because it doesn’t require dirt to grow. Just put it in a vase full of water, in a sunny window, and it will take it from there! It comes in a variety of configurations (from a set of 4 bamboo stocks) to variegated bamboo stalk is trained into a spiral twist, reaching upwards with a beautiful crown of leaves. As a symbol of luck, charm and good fortune, a gift of bamboo will extend your warmest best wishes to someone special.

Paperwhites is a very low-maintenance/high reward bulb, that can grow in anything from soil to pebbles, creating fragrant white blossoms. Note, paperwhites take a little more care and setup and are probably best left to a more advanced gardener

Demanding very little water and coming in all shapes and sizes, succulents can be collected into an attractive and personalized arrangement. They are a type of plant requiring very little water, ideal for potted plants and micro- environments like terrariums. Once they are planted, they are very easy to care for, requiring little time and attention from the recipient. Visit our showroom as we have several examples of grouping ready for purchase. Our experienced staff can always help you create that “one of a kind” something special if you would prefer.

  • Bonus Idea:If you want to do something really special, let’s say for someone who has passed away, is you can bring items from the person’s household, and we will use those containers to create a custom memorial garden. You could bring in as many items as family and friends that you wanted to give something in memory of the person that passed. Our staff will work with you to create a perfect living memorial.

There are several plants that would be particularly good to give during the holiday season. And the list goes past the usual suspects of Christmas Fern and Poinsettia’s, although there is certainly nothing wrong with those choices. Some other choices worth considering:

Amaryllis – blooms through the winter and provides a hint of spring at Christmas
Christmas Cactus – Produces striking red flowers every holiday season, kept year round.
Cyclamen – compact and unique, another good cold-weather choice

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Last but not least, there are also some good old standby’s that can never be discounted.
Orchids – elegant and easily recognizable. Easy to care for, with a little effort.
Lavender – Fragrant year round, lavender in bloom makes a beautiful purple access
Potted Herbs – Fragrant and practical, the aspiring or accomplished cook will appreciate fresh herbs. Can be transplanted to the garden.