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Pano Rancho is your “go to” destination for all your floral needs. Whether you are looking for plants and flowers to decorate your house or garden, or a special gift, we have you covered. We have a wide variety of standard and exotic plants for you to choose from, as well as an extensive selection of seeds. Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for that special someone? No problem. Our design staff can meet with you to create something truly memorable in as little as three days. Looking for a last minute gift? No problem. Our showroom has a variety of floral-themed gifts to fit every taste and budget.


Celebrate Occasions big and small with these timeless expressions. Come in and explore our selection of gift ideas consisting of live and “forever” flowers, live plants, and even exotic seeds. We have options for all tastes and budgets. Come in and be inspired! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other life milestones big and small, we can help you create the perfect gift.


Here at Pano Ranch, we are equally passionate about celebrating the beauty found in nature as we are about preserving nature so it can be equally enjoyed for generations to come. Our ranch operations incorporate conservation-friendly principles into our growing and distribution processes. But it doesn’t stop there.


The only way to control the end product is to produce it yourself. That is why we are in a very elite group of florist who actually grow their own flowers which end up in their floral bouquets. We know exactly how each flower was raised and harvested so it displays and lasts the longest.

What we can’t grow ourselves, we seek and accept only the “best of the best” in floral elements from around the world. The gifts we sell are the perfect complement to the designs, giving them that finishing touch that takes them to that next level.


Our design team has years of experience listening to our customers and working together to create award-winning designs. Visit our showroom of ready to buy, flowers, plants, and gifts. For those willing to wait, we also sell high quality seeds, so you experience the plant from seedling to showstopper. The showroom is open Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat 10:30-5:30pm. Looking for a custom creation? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Talk to one of our expert designers and we will have your masterpiece ready for pickup or shipping in 3 business days.

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Pano Ranch also offers Corporate Concierge Services. Welcome visitors into a friendly and professional environment. This plan is perfect for a number of businesses including corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that need to create warm, welcoming public spaces. Working with your own conscierge, we will create a floral plan specific to your business. Each arrangement is custom designed to compliment the ambience of the space it is going. With your customized Pano Ranch Corporate Package, you have confidence in knowing that expertly designed floral arrangements will arrive automatically on the date you specify, in the freshest possible condition.

Of course, no one can predict all your floral needs for a year in advance. At any point, a designated member of your company can call the Concierge and order a floral gift for any occassion (ie.appreciation, new hire, retirement, business gifts, and clients). With just a few basic questions, we’ll handle everything and add it to your monthly bill.

For more information on our Corporate Concierge Services, please call (408) 746-5252.


Flowers for every occasion

Flowers are a great way of acknowledging every major life event. When we think of flowers we often think of birthdays, proms, graduations, weddings, anniversarys, retirement parties, etc. But Flowers/Plants can also make a great gift in themselves. If there is something you want to say, there is a flower that conveys it. Talk to our flower experts today, they’ll translate your thoughts into the perfect gift.

Wedding Day Celebrations

What would a wedding be without flowers? We recommend starting early, as much as nine months to a year out from the big day. Protea flowers can work very well in a wedding venue, can be easily dried for a reminder of your special day for years to come. Our experience wedding coordinators to help you navigate the seemingly endless options and help you focus on the elements that are important to you, and help you establish and then work within a budget that works for you.

Forever Flowers & Gifts

Fresh, live flowers are lovely but sometimes you want something that is going to last a bit longer. That is why we have variety of dry & preserved as well as faux (silk) flowers and gifts which can provide a great alternative. They come in a variety of ceramic and glass keepsake containers. We have several shapes and sizes including heart-shaped boxes, dome-shaped displays, glass angels, flower bears, and table center pieces just to name a few. Talk to our staff about additional options available by special order.

Flowers / Plants of the Month Clubs

We also offer three monthly floral subscriptions.  The Floral Club is a 12-month subscription service whether we sent a seasonal boaquet of flowers each month for twelve months to a specific address.  The Plant Club is very similar, in that we send a different house plant every month for twelve months to a specific address (office or house).  The Exotics Club is again very similar, except that we month we send an exotic plant (suitable for desks) to an address for a period of one year.

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